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When I send out your quilts and cushions, I always accompany it with a little card and write a message in it. I often get comments on how this extra special touch is appreciated. It has only just occurred to me that it may be nice to offer the cards as an add on to your keepsake. So, I am now adding this option for you. Whether you use them as Birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, it doesn't get more personal than a keepsake card.


I always have a lot left over to work with but if you have certain items in mind that you would like to use for the card, let me know beforehand.


If you would just like cards making and no other keepsake, that is of course an option too.


Cards will be sewn with a 3.5" square and 2.5" square. The largest square is sewn onto the card so the stitch line will show inside. The cards are 5" squares and 250gsm. They will all come with an envelope and both the envelope, and the inside of the card will be blank.

Keepsake Cards

    • Place your order
    • Wait to receive your email confirmation.
    • Click the "order form" button at the bottom of the email and complete the form. My address to send your items is also on there.
    • Gather up all your precious clothes and send them to me!


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