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A keepsake pillow case cover made with your favourite clothes to go on your little ones bed. I will stress here that it is not recommendedto use pillows for children under the age of 1. This is a standard adult pillow size and will be most suitable when your little one is ready for a full size pillow.


  • Size – 50cm x 75cm
  • Finish – Pillow Case Cover
  • Number of items needed – 10 to 24
  • Number of squares – 24 approximately 

Keepsake Pillow Case Cover

    • Pick your backing fabric
    • Place your order
    • Wait to receive your email confirmation.
    • Click the "order form" button at the bottom of the email and complete the form. My address to send your items is also on there.
    • Gather up all your precious clothes and send them to me!


    As this is intended to sleep on, avoid anything with fastenings or buttons. Baby grows, t-shirts, dresses and sleepsuits work well.


    Can't decide what backing fabrics to go for yet? Go with the decide later option and I will send pictures of the different options when your keepsake is laid out.

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