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This is my newest keepsake option. For those that prefer a square quilt, pick from 3 sizes or get in touch for a custom size. The square style works best with equal size patches.


  • Size – 6 x 6 patches (80cm x 80cm approximately)
  • Finish – Quilt
  • Number of items needed – 20-30 (approximately)
  • Number of squares – 36


  • Size – 7 x 7 patches (98cm x 98cm approximately)
  • Finish – Quilt
  • Number of items needed – 30-40 (approximately)
  • Number of squares – 49


  • Size – 8 x 8 patches (110cm x 110cm approximately)
  • Finish – Quilt
  • Number of items needed – 40-50 (approximately)
  • Number of squares – 64


  • Size – 10 x 10 patches (140cm x 140cm approximately)
  • Finish – Quilt
  • Number of items needed – 60-80 (approximately)
  • Number of squares – 100
  • The backing will be joined by two pieces of fabric, only simple patterns can be used for backing.

Square Keepsake Quilts

    • Pick your backing fabric (I have several 100 cottons to pick from if you don't want the four standard backings)
    • Pick your border colour (optional)
    • Place your order
    • Wait to receive your email confirmation.
    • Click the "order form" button at the bottom of the email and complete the form. My address to send your items is also on there.
    • Gather up all your precious clothes and send them to me! For tips on sending your items visit my blog.

    You can include anything! - onesies, baby grows, bodysuits, hats, socks, sleeping bags, bibs, t-shirts, jumpers, dungarees, dresses, blankets (even some of your own! The pjs you wore in the hospital, the shirt that Dad got his first cuddle in).


    Can't decide what fabrics to go for yet? Go with the decide later option and I will send pictures of the different options when your keepsake is laid out.

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